Frisco Brazilian Wax

Frisco Brazilian Wax

Peace of Mind provides relaxing, professional Frisco Brazilian wax services that are done by licensed wax specialists. We maintain a clean, comfortable environment where our clients are able to mentally escape – even if just for a few minutes. We invite you to join us for a Brazilian special waxing in Frisco TX that leaves you with soft, smooth skin.

What is a Brazilian Wax in Frisco TX?

Sometimes, a bikini wax and Frisco Brazilian hair removal are confused. They are similar, but a Brazilian wax involves the removal of more hair. This additional hair is waxed away from the front parts and butt.

Our services give you the option to tidy up the hair, remove it entirely or create clean, neat shapes such as triangles or squares. The goal is for all clients to feel clean, comfortable and confident in their bodies. Knowing that hair won’t be sneaking out of a summer swimsuit is a great feeling for all!

What are the Benefits of a Frisco Brazilian Special Waxing?

Many women choose to get a Frisco Brazilian wax when going on vacation, celebrating a honeymoon or planning for a summer at the poolside. But, you don’t need an excuse for Frisco Brazilian hair removal. This service can be done at any time! It’s a treat for sure! Plus, you can’t deny the benefits.

Here are a few things to expect from Brazilian hair removal in Frisco TX:

  • Exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells
  • Longer lasting results because hair is removed from the root
  • Smooth, silky skin that is perfect for the beach
  • Thinner, softer hair when it does grow back
  • Minimal irritation compared to epilation or creams
  • Safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin

Are you ready to indulge in yourself for a bit? Call Peace of Mind and schedule an appointment for a Frisco Brazilian wax.